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This Drupal module provides a pull-down sliding panel for logging in and creating a new account. It provides a prominent login/join prompt on (almost) every page and, provided that the login succeeds, the current page doesn’t change.

There are several configuration options, including allowing the slider to be placed within a block, to change the title text, and to specify an image/icon to display. Normally, the panel is not displayed on login pages, as such pages duplicate the functionality of this module, but that restriction, too, is configurable.

In addition to basic configuration, this module allows for complete theming control using normal theming hooks, a single theme template file and CSS.

I created this module inspired by and using as a basis “Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery” by web designer Jérémie Tisseau, of Web-Kreation. He has distributed his work under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GNU GPLV3), and I also distribute it under the same license (as I must with any GPLV3-derived work, if I am to distribute it at all).

(This web page also serves to demonstrate the module. The panel tab is at the upper right corner of this page.)


For Developers


requesting fpr drupal 7

Nice module.. please provide this for drupal version 7.


advance thanks

to work with any drupal block

Interesting module, is there a way to make this module work with any drupal block. For example, I am interested to put Community Tags block in such pull-down sliding panel, is this possible with minor changes?

Awesome, thank you very much!

Awesome, thank you very much! :)


I forgot to mention that I had to add

$("a.slpjq-open").attr("href", "#")

to js/slpjq.js. So users with activated javascript won't get redirected to the standard loginpager


Regards, sui

Link to login page

Hi, thanks for this module. I'll use it on a developer page atm and sometimes people deactivate scripting for websites. To give them the possibility to register and login I searched your code and changed href="#" to href="user" on line 83 in theme/slpjq-slider.tpl.php Perhaps you like to add this in beta5, too Regards, noble

Beta 4 Update and move to github

I have released beta4 and moved the source to github:

I still welcome your comments here, but please report issues with this module there on the “Issues” page.

Very nice module

Very nice module indeed...

Just something bothers me. When you click on Login button, it changes to "close panel" so the whole writing goes right a little. I know it is veeery very minor thing but couldn't stop commenting :) The one on this address seems somehow better:

Anyway, thanks for the module...

Style nit

Yeah, I know what you mean, but I prefer this version.

To get it to stay at the same size, add a CSS style to #slpjq_toggle to make the width fixed.

Logout link


This is a great module. However, I found an issue with the User & Logout links. You have linked both of them with path set from the root, i.e., /user & /logout. I do a lot of design / dev work on my localhost first and my directory structure is different from how it is on the servers. So, after logging in, my user & logout links point to http://localhost/user & http://localhost/logout.

If the global $base_path is put before the user & logout links in your theme file, it would work just fine. Or even running the links with the l function () would be great.


Good point!

Good point! It’s fixed in beta4.

Great Module looking to learn more about

Hi Daniel, great module, thanks a lot for sharing it with us. My only first impression is very good. I would like to try to get an overview about the css layout and I allow me to suggest you a possible css default neutral approach development as it's really difficult for drupal beginners to eventually adjust the actual default layout for their own Drupal projects. There are some issues that conflicts with other jquery code when other core and contrib modules request the header region.

I may be wrong and there is a solution on how to handle those conflicts already.

Best Regards

Re: Great Module

Great, thanks, Wolf. I look forward to your additional feedback. Make sure to also see the original author’s website.

Is there any project page in

Is there any project page in ?


No. See the comment below: “Probably never at”

Thanks for this!!

Daniel, thanks so much for this release!  I've been longing for this module to be delevoped for Drupal!  Do you know if it functions correctly in all IE versions and Firefox by any chance?

Tested against all the latest browsers

It's not practical to test in “all” IE versions, but I tested it with the latest versions of IE, FF, Opera, and Apple Safari (running under Windows).

syntax error

Thanks for your work Daniel! This is great. Thanks for putting it together.

In my case, I ran the module and got a

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ')' in ...\\modules\\slpjq\\theme\\slpjq-slider.tpl.php on line 84

just removing the unexpected ')' on line 84 and works fine!

Fixed in beta3

Now fixed in beta 3. Thanks!

In progress...

Yep, I saw that not long after I uploaded it, but haven't had a chance to fix it. I found another bug that surfaced with another configuration where the form action was staying on the same page. I'll provide a fix for both of these in a day or two.

Glad to hear you got it working!


Thanks for making it into drupal module..When will you share it on the site? ^_^

Probably never at

The requirements for publication at are such that authors are required to surrender licensing to the Free Software Foundation, unconditionally agreeing to license under all future versions of the GNU GPL. That’s a bit much, IMHO. Also, tends to frown on collaborative modules, as it complicates the licensing.


That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  Every module you enjoy on your Drupal site has gone through the same process, almost every one of them are collaborative by their very nature as open source and you should put this one out there for the entire community to appreciate.  You've got links to the source code and anyone could easily hi-jack it and claim it as their own, so why not put it out there, share the love, get the credit, have your cake too?  No disrespect intended, but this module is not terribly complicated and could easily be reproduced, changing the name of it and voila no longer your module...just sayin'...

Perhaps I’m mistaken. What

Perhaps I’m mistaken. What are some modules that are licensed from more than one person, including at least one person who has nothing to do with Drupal?

Personally, I would be more likely to release something into the public domain rather than to hand all license control over to a third party, as is required by the Drupal project.


I wander if i could port this module to 7 or if you have? Nice work from both of you actually. I am a front en designer myself but do some backed php and you did a very good job. Of course I'm wandering if it would work better if I ot only ported it to 7 (JQueryUI built in) but also if it would simple be just as easy to put it on the page.tpl.php directly. I di't look at your code yet but i istalled it and worked nicely. I may make a better gui with css to see if I can make it stand out more. For instance it would be cool for commentors to click on the box an then it expads to register but I kind of prefer it as a login...I don't know if I'm going to use it at all but it's really nice work from both you.

Drupal 7

I'm also very interested in a D7 port. Any update on this?


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